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Supporting Corbyn

14 Nov

Whilst I’m assuming that my increasingly heterodox non-conformism is hardly that of a typical profile for a Corbyn supporter, I am still at this stage supporting the man and his leadership of the Labour Party. I think I always did consider something like Corbynism as a complete fallacy, given the depth to which Labour Party had fallen in its utter capitulation to extreme free market ideology. Blair and his coterie represent the absolute nadir of sell-out to capitalism. In all earnestness I don’t really see how a left leadership can meet with much success on the back of a recalcitrant hard right parliamentary intake.

However given the totally unforeseen victory of Corbyn’s election to Labour leader in September 2015 I decided it was imperative of me to get off the prevaricating fence sitting of the last few years and actually support Corbyn’s candidature, given that I could relate to a good deal of his platform. At least his election would prove an interesting departure from the normal verities and might make for more interesting long term developments.

So I continue to support Corbyn although in many respects I can no longer sign up to lots of positions of the contemporary left. I also actually like Corbyn and his shadow chancellor McDonnell in spite of their various frailties, for politicians they seem to be actually on the side of decency as opposed to the standard careerist operators out there.

Corbyn’s importance to me lies in the fundamental break he represents with market fundamentalism. His own admittedly modest social democratic aspirations at least now represent a real attempt to break out of the cage of fatalism and capitalist realism. In many respects I think there are serious and drastic limitations to just what Corbynism can do for us and in terms of its own political mortality. Things do not unfortunately bode well for the left as indeed they haven’t for many years now. However in its own limited terms Corbynism has to be welcomed as a precursor.

I don’t have as much time to myself these days for this blog, I’ve not been able to write up anything for a good interval now. However if I do get the time and space I would like to consider some of the failings of the left, although as I would like to reiterate, I would like to do this in a supportive context as in many ways I continue to identify as a leftist, particularly in economic terms if less so on matters cultural.

I have also had the privilege of being able to do a bit of independent writing for a small left wing co-operative newspaper venture and hopefully I will also be able to carry over some of my articles from there onto this blog and maybe vice versa, as a forum to explore interesting issues.